Rebooting The Studio – Good To Be Back

Hey everyone,

Not been on here for a while.
If you did’t know, my home got flooded last November, (And again in December)
rendering the studio I had at the time utterly useless.
I’ve spent the last several months renovating a new room
for the studio to be built in. And it is now complete.
And upgraded. . . . . .. and not on ground level (Outta reach of future flooding).

Today the Studio goes online. By that I mean the
following is going to happen. . . . . and continue to happen;

Daily photos uploaded to Instagram.

Daily tweeting.

A new video uploaded to YouTube on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.
These will be;

Tuesdays – Gear Demos
Thursdays – Music Covers/Music Vids
Sundays – Random Videos (Could be a documentary, an interview or something else)

On Wednesdays you can check out Gaming videos that Short Lane will be involved in over on Everyday Reboot YouTube Channel. Go check out their Facebook Page too.

Mondays will eventually become a Twitch Day, which will be recorded and uploaded to the YouTube channel too.

While all that is happening we will also be recording our own music in the studio.

Watch out for some special collaborations too.

As it’s Sunday, you’ll get our first Random video later.
We’ll also upload an extra video just for today.

The first video of the day is a Card Gaming video with Cameron from Cammo’s Weird Things. Showcasing his recently released Card Game, ‘The Arks’.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

We’re Looking forward to bombarding you with content.



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