About Short Lane Studios

Short Lane Studios is a Music, Film and Photography Studio founded by TJ, A Musician of 26 years who plays Guitar, Drums, Bass and Keyboard. The Studio will not only focus on music, Film and Photography however, we plan to also branch out into other areas, such as; Gaming, Documentaries, Videography, Podcasts, Animation and Travel. Follow this site and our social networks for up to date information regarding our projects.

Check out the Trailer below to see what kind of things we do.

Also, why not check out our ‘Friends’ page where you can discover new people and their wide variety of work, some of which we showcase here on the website. This page can be found in the menu above.

We also have a guest writer, this dude goes by the name of Adam. He’ll be writing about gaming news every now and then and maybe some other topics. He also guests in some of our videos. We hope to have more guests writers for the site soon.

Thank you for visiting.

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