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Adam. H

Adam Hunter is a writer from Greater Manchester, UK. A former musician, Adam was best known for his time as a bass player playing for Project Albin, Steve Watts (Demon) solo project Demon Dudes Revenge and Daniel “Conan” Moores (The Courteeners).

In 2015 Adam set up the short-lived online music magazine, Music Is Our Radar. Since the magazine folded Adam has been working in an unofficial capacity with TJ at Short Lane Studios. He has written many articles for the website, appeared in vlogs on YouTube and even come out of retirement to play some bass on occasion. Check out the following links for his two most popular contributions to date. Ibanez Bass Demo & Is This The Matrix?.

Since 2018 Adam officially retired from music. He has and will on occasion play for Short Lane Studio, close friends and family, but has chosen not to pursue a career in the field.

Currently, Adam is a sports journalist working for the not-for-profit magazine, Chasing The Puck. Adam is the main reporter for his local ice hockey team, Manchester Storm. As well as reporting for Chasing The Puck, Adam has some ideas for sportsbooks that he will pursue throughout the 2018/2019 ice hockey season.

You can find more about Adam and his writing at his website, http://adamhunterhq.com/. Here you will find his one post a day (OPAD) blog, Everyday Reboot.

Favourite Band: Thundercat (currently)
Album: Pink Floyd – The Wall
Game: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Movie: Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Book: 1984 (Novel), Watchmen (Graphic Novel)
Hobbies: Photography, Hiking, Gym, Music, Reading, Comic/Manga.

Instagram – @adamhunterhq1
Twitter – @adamhunterhq