My Guitar eBook – Third Edition – £1.85

Have you just started playing the Guitar? or maybe you’ve been playing for a while but just need help getting into a good practice routine?

The eBook I made would be perfect for you. In it I teach you;

* Useful finger exercises to build strength, agility and muscle memory.
* I go through the basic chords and how to expand them.
* I teach you how to find all 12 notes on the fretboard.
* The most popular scales.
* Understanding Triads and Intervals.
* The easy way to remember Key signatures.
* Teaching you the basics of sight reading.
* And helping you with your rhythm.

Not only do I show you all that, but I have built a simple daily practice routine for you to use.

The eBook only costs £1.85 and can be found on Amazon at the following link –

You can also search Amazon for the eBook by searching for the title;
Developing Your Daily Practice Routine – Book One: Guitar

I hope those who buy it find it useful. Thanks for your time.


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