D.I.Y. GoPro Time-Lapse

I’m going on a Camping Trip next week, this has been in the works for several weeks now and the whole trip is going to be filmed, edited, uploaded to YouTube, for all you good people to watch (if you’re interested in that sorta thing).

So, as we’re going to be filming this trip I wanted to try to up my game as far as getting cool shots goes. Getting shots that I haven’t tried to get (or not needed to get) in other projects I’ve done.

Time-Lapse shots are one of those shots. But with products ranging from £15 with as many bad reviews as they have good ones, and £85+ products that seem a ridiculas amount of money to spend on a glorified egg-timer, I decided to make one.

My cooking Timer cost me £2.89. It goes round in one direction (a problem solved by turning it up side down maybe?) and it’s an almost smooth ride for the camera. The video below shows the results. Let me know what you think.

There is another project I’m working on right now for the same trip, also to do with camera shots. If that is a success then there will be a video of that too. possibly next Friday.

Hope you all have a great weekend.


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