‘The Arks’ – Card Game

Hey everyone, Before I get started on this I just want to say thank you to the several new followers I’ve had today. You’re all awesome!!! I hope I can keep you all entertained with my content.

Speaking of,

My good friend Cameron has recently created a new Card Game called ‘The Arks’. We made a video of how to play it for anyone who wants to get into it.

If you would like to download a copy of the game please follow the instructions at the end of the video.



Rebooting The Studio – Good To Be Back

Hey everyone,

Not been on here for a while.
If you did’t know, my home got flooded last November, (And again in December)
rendering the studio I had at the time utterly useless.
I’ve spent the last several months renovating a new room
for the studio to be built in. And it is now complete.
And upgraded. . . . . .. and not on ground level (Outta reach of future flooding).

Today the Studio goes online. By that I mean the
following is going to happen. . . . . and continue to happen;

Daily photos uploaded to Instagram.

Daily tweeting.

A new video uploaded to YouTube on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.
These will be;

Tuesdays – Gear Demos
Thursdays – Music Covers/Music Vids
Sundays – Random Videos (Could be a documentary, an interview or something else)

On Wednesdays you can check out Gaming videos that Short Lane will be involved in over on Everyday Reboot YouTube Channel. Go check out their Facebook Page too.

Mondays will eventually become a Twitch Day, which will be recorded and uploaded to the YouTube channel too.

While all that is happening we will also be recording our own music in the studio.

Watch out for some special collaborations too.

As it’s Sunday, you’ll get our first Random video later.
We’ll also upload an extra video just for today.

The first video of the day is a Card Gaming video with Cameron from Cammo’s Weird Things. Showcasing his recently released Card Game, ‘The Arks’.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

We’re Looking forward to bombarding you with content.



Street Photography – Manchester UK

On Tuesday TJ and I went to Manchester to shoot a short film about, Manchester. which you will be able to find on the Short lane Studios YouTube channel once it becomes available. While we were there I took some photography, street photography… taking this to the streets shooting… photographs.

I do have a passion for street photography; I find pictures in this style to be the most honest and natural. We live in an age where everyone has a camera, where anyone can manipulate a representation of themselves and environment in order to build a façade. Street photography eliminates this self-edit, where the mask slips and we obtain a glimpse of an accurate representation of a person and their environment.

The only problem with street photography is that you have to be a confident photographer. It takes a lot of confidence to take a strangers photograph, which I must admit I struggle with. What if a person objects to their photograph being taken? What if you offend someone? I try to be as unobtrusive as I possibly can, blending in with the environment. I mean, my objective is to take the most natural photographs I can, isn’t it?

Though we walked across the city centre my favourite place was the Northern Quarter. I love how old and unkempt it is, rough around the ages and a bit claustrophobic. It is an area also surrounded by some beautiful graffiti artwork and home to some great music venues and independent businesses.

Here is a collection of the photographs from Manchester. They were taken using a Canon 700d and a 50mm f1.8 lens.

~ Adam

See the full album at the Short Lane Studio Facebook Page

Movie Review – Logan

Hey everyone. Adam (the other half of Short Lane) has set up his own YouTube channel ‘Everyday Reboot’ for movie reviews, tech news, gaming and podcasts.

Below is his first movie review and first video on the channel. The video hit 120+ views in 12 hours, which is pretty awesome for a new channel. Take a look and see what you think. Make sure to hit the ‘Like’ and ‘Subscribe’ buttons and expect more videos from Adam very soon.


The State of Affairs

We seem to be at a crossroads, in society and in life. We each have a lot of thoughts about how better we can be a united, democratic community of people and evolve to the next level. The environment, technology, the political process all seem a bit out of date now, we are all hungry for change. It’s a conversation TJ and I have been having on and off since our University days, god that seems so long ago now. But when TJ suggested that I should put my observations on paper in order to make a video, I was all for it.

You see, I have had first hand experience with the sweeping under the carpet tactics that are currently being deployed, having family members who are disabled. And let me tell you these last 10 years have been no picnic. It’s most difficult to see our leaders play with lives, to pass them around like pieces on a board game like they don’t matter. Because they do, we all do.

We had grand ideas to film and use visuals for the video, but I think that the words and music speak for themselves. If you agree or disagree with this film, I would hope that the message is loud and clear. That there are a plethora of different ways, some better, to run this country. And hopefully we can live in a time where the vulnerable in society are looked after, the environment is taken better care of, and that we live in peace striving for a better world together, for all of us.

~ Adam