Super Soco TC Update – Last Blog – Future

It’s been almost a year since I last posted on here. I had planned to write a kind of diary about my Super Soco TC. And do more studio work, music videos, music books and other projects with a few people.

Been far to busy to do any of those things.

Before I get into that, let’s get onto the Super Soco TC. Are you thinking of buying one?

Well, don’t. The amount of issues I’ve had with it is ridiculous, save yourself some time and money and just get a petrol bike for now until a cheaper and better electric bike comes along.
Or you could try the Zero electric bike. I know nothing about them, but have a look.

If you’ve already gone and bought your Super Soco TC and wanna know why you should return it, or maybe you’ve had it a while and you’re reading this because you’re having problems with it, then here are my issues with it.

Error 95 – A throttle issue, except it’s not a throttle issue. The bike just thinks it is and there’s actually nothing wrong with the throttle. This is a problem with the computer inside. Or a bug in the software. My solution? turn the bike off and on again (for fucks sake) and 8 times outta 10 that will work. If it doesn’t then try previous step again (yeah, I know).

I called the shop I got it from and they told me the first thing their techs do when they diagnose a bike, is to take the right side panel off, unplug the connections, and re-plug them back together. This also works. Imagine spending money to get the bike sent to them only to have this be the fix? (I did that) and paid to have it delivered back to me (I did that too).

This time when it went wrong I took the connections apart and also sprayed them with DW40’s Fast Drying Non Conductive Contact Cleaner.

That worked for about a week before Error 95 reappeared.

I now live with error 95 almost everyday. Turn the bike off and on, fixed.

How about error 98? I got this while sat at traffic lights. Means Low Voltage/Controller pauses. I pulled over, turned the bike off and on, fixed!

Error 99 – Controller communication error, I get this most days also. Specifically when I’m pulling away, for a split second the throttle loses communication with the computer, but then it remembers there’s actually nothing wrong with the sodding thing and it works as it should do.

Next problem, arcing. Has your battery cable gotten stuck in the battery socket? Or the charging cable? I read about this yesterday, the pins in the cable don’t fully reached the bottom of the socket. I’ve noticed the plug get quite hot after short journeys (15 min journey mostly in speeds 2 or 3).

I’m not 100% sure but this heat could be caused by the electricity arcing in the socket, which basically welds the pins to the socket. Not good. I noticed some dark patches inside the battery socket (possible burning from arcs) but again i used the DW-40 Contact spray and it cleaned it up. I then covered the pins in Vaseline, this helps the connection and also stops arcing. The plug also stops sticking in the socket now. Super easy to remove it after adding the lube 😉

Make sure your lubrication is a non-conductive grease. I’ve ordered some proper grease as Vaseline isn’t great for plastic long term.

What else have I noticed after a year on the bike? Well, the specs are total bullshit. 50 mile range my arse. If you ride in Mode 1, maybe. But who’s riding at 20 miles an hour everywhere? The fact is, anyone who has this bike will constantly be switching between the 3 speeds, because our roads have different speed limits. This means you will get 20 to 25 miles on 1 charge. And that last 20% of battery life is humiliating. I’ve only gone below 50% once, I went all the way down to 3%. You could have walked faster than the bike.

What else, how about top speed. 45mph the sites say.

Nope. 42 is the fastest I’ve gotten it and that was downhill. But, you have to bare in mind this is a Chinese bike built with Chinese body sizes/weights in mind. This wasn’t really made for 6ft guys weighing 185Lbs. It won’t carry my fat arse up to 45mph.

Next, the breaks. Squeaky little bastards, and when the rest of the bike is as silent as a mouse, the squeaky breaks really stand out. And people stare. It’s embarrassing and I’ve seen a lot of people make this same complaint.

My solution? I put some fucking grease on the edge of the break pads like a normal person. (Don’t put grease on your break disks or the sides of the break pads). Put the grease on the edge of the pads, everywhere the edge of the pads touch another piece of metal. Also clean the break pad housing before you put the break pads back in. They get very dusty, use a nylon or brass brush. Use a steel brush on the pads them selves. Watch a YouTube video if you’re unsure of how to do this.

So, all that in mind. Why do I still have the sodding thing?

Because I love it, it has it’s issues (like my gf) but it looks great (like my gf), it cost almost nothing to run it. About 15p a charge (charge everyday) roughly £1 a week in electricity. I love seeing people stop and stare at it as I go past, the look of confusion they have makes me laugh every time. Some moron a few days ago asked their friend if it was a Tesla, I wish it was.

That’s all I have to say about the Super Soco TC, and this is my last post about it. But I will try to answer any questions should anyone have any. Leave them below and I’ll get back to you when I can.

And this is quite possibly my last post on this site. I’m no longer doing music. I’m far too busy and didn’t pick up my Guitar for over a year now.

I am however posting on Instagram everyday and have been for 166 days so far. Come join me at @The_Exploring_Tom .

I will keep this site up, so anyone getting a Super Soco TC can use it when shit goes wrong. Or in case I have free time and decide to start a music project in the future.

To anyone reading this, thank you for being here. To those who followed the site I appreciate you all for showing support.

Hope you’re all staying well and safe.

Bye for now.


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