Range, Embarrassment & Unlimited Power (sort of, not really) – #4

Right, let’s get something out of the way first. I came off my bike and it’s fucked.

I had already finished this blog the day before I came off the bike but I’ve been too busy to post it.

It’s been a month since I wrote it, time really has gone by so fast. Anyway, I’ve decided to post this blog without info on the crash. As this blog is already pretty lengthy.

The next blog will talk about what happened and what’s currently happening with the bike.

Now, back to the pre-crash blog.

Saturday 22nd Aug 2020 – AKA . . . The 6th day of riding my Super Soco TC

I had about 40% battery left from all the travelling I did the day before for work, and today I only had one job to go to. 4 miles there, then 4 miles home. 40-ish% should be fine. . . . right?

By the time I got to work I had 20% left on the battery. This, I thought was ok, but also maybe, just maybe . . . not ok.

Turned out this was not ok at all.

I got half way home and my TC would no longer reach its limited 28mph. And the battery was at 12%.

The website said you can get 50 miles out of the battery. You probably can if you ride in Mode 2 the entire time. (Mode 2 while limited is around 22mph) That won’t do on a 60mph road (when you get this bike, be aware you WILL piss other drivers off).

Anyway, almost home, the battery is at 8% and I’m going down a 60mph road at 18mph. Luckily the only car behind me was quite far behind, but catching up fast. I turned off this road onto a 40mph road, which starts with a small sloped bridge and then has a second longer bridge further along going slightly uphill.

After the bike pulled me up the first bridge, the battery dropped 2% down to 6%. The second bridge damn near killed the power. At the top of the bridge I felt the power go, the throttle had nothing to give.

5% Battery, I dropped down to Mode 1 (Top speed in Mode 1 is 15mph) I was doing about 3 or 4 mph.

But, I only had about 200 meters to go until I was home. That was a very slow 200 meters. Lost count of how many cars passed me. Gave a polite nod to two gardeners staring at me as I awkwardly rode past them at the speed grandma does in her electric wheelchair. Then I arrived home, 3% battery left.

If you think you can get 50 miles out of these batteries, forget it. Unless you really do ride in Mode 2 the entire time and then go slower than granny for the last few miles.

But anyway, lesson learnt. I no longer take the bike out if it has less than 50% power. This means I’ve doubled the amount of time I charge it a week from 2 to 4 times. But there shouldn’t be any more embarrassing rides from now on. Fingers crossed. (Added Note: I spoke too soon here).

Now, I took the limiter off my bike yesterday (Monday 24th Aug)

Again, from what the website says. This bike can do 45mph with the limiter taken off.

I’m yet to reach 45mph.

I got to 42, but no more. Maybe my 79kg fat ass is just too much for it to get to 45mph.

Another website says the TC can carry 150kg. If it can’t get to full speed with 79kg on it, I’d hate to see what the effect of having 150kg would be.

Next thing, limiter comes off, the range drops. By about 7 miles for each mode.

This is what the modes do, limited and unlimited.


Mode 1 – 15mph

Mode 2 – 22mph

Mode 3 – 28mph


Mode 1 – 20mph

Mode 2 – 30mph

Mode 3 – 45mph (supposedly)

If you take the limiter off there is a range drop to take in to consideration.

I don’t really care about the range drop to be honest, I’m not making long journeys. The most amount of miles I do in a day is 12.

Speaking of those 12 miles. Let’s talk about today. Tuesday 25th Aug.

Four Jobs to go to today, 12 miles total. Mostly 30mph roads, two 60mph roads and three 40mph roads.

Let’s just focus on that 60mpg road. I was in Mode 3, hitting 42mph and I lost 4% just on that one road which is 0.7 miles long.

Mode 2 for the 40 mph roads and Mode 1 for the 30pmh roads, which only gives me 20mph, but there was traffic everywhere.

Today I’ve used 39% of battery covering around 11 to 12 miles.

Again, don’t expect to get 50 miles out of a normal ride using this battery.

Constantly having to switch between modes to keep with the flow of traffic and speed limit changes.

Regarding the 50 mile range with the bike unlimited. 50 goes out the window before you press the ignition button.

Range Drop:

Mode 3 your range drops from 37 limited to 28 miles unlimited

Mode 2 the range is 48 miles

Mode 1 is 55 miles, but seriously, who the fuck is riding mode 1 constantly? Maybe in London, but nowhere else surly?

I was planning more tests on the range for this blog, but the next day I crashed the bike.

More on that next time.


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