First day owning a motorbike.

Let’s just go back a little bit, so that anyone buying this bike knows what to expect.

I got a phone call two days after ordering the bike. I missed the call because I was at work. But when I got home and checked my e-mail I found a message from Urban eBikes. They had called and were now e-mailing me to check if I would be home to take delivery of the bike. I replied saying I might have to have a family member take delivery if I’m working, they responded saying that that was OK and that the delivery driver would call when he’s on his way.

Now, next day, I’ve had a minor set back. I was just reading through the ‘Learn To Ride’ guide I mentioned last time and it says you can ride a moped on a full car licence IF the licence was obtained before 1st February 2001. If you got your full driving licence after 1st Feb 2001 then you will need a CBT certificate to ride a moped.

Well . . . . fuck me.

This means I can’t ride my bike when it arrives and have to wait three weeks until I take the CBT.

I do actually know some places I can ride it on private property, so at least I can get some practice on it. I just can’t use it to go to work yet. Three more sodding weeks of peddling to work. Fan-bloody-tastic!

Sunday 26th July, I just finished my morning job and I received a phone call, it went something like this.

Them: Dgkge hfof guf fu fiusef fus

Me: Pardon?

Them: Hyfs geu fhio fhoies hsf

Me: Sorry I can’t hear you.

Them: *Speaking Slowly* Depending on traffic I will deliver your bike at 2 or 3pm.

Me: Oh, thank you.

So yeah, couldn’t understand a word he said. But I went home from work and waited his arrival.

3:10pm he arrives and turns out he’s eastern European and mumbles every word he speaks. No wonder I couldn’t understand him on the phone. Anyway, he’s got my bike in the back of his van, next to two sofas and a wardrobe. I helped him get it onto my drive way, he took some photos of it being delivered, I signed some paper work and that was it. My bike was here.

I took a few photos of it, sat on it, fiddled with everything on it. Then covered it with a bike cover I bought off of amazon and went inside.

Two hours later I came back outside, fully geared up, helmet, jacket, gloves and knee pads. I took the bike on to the lane I live on and rode it up and down a few times. And fuck me does it go. Very quick off the line and in no time at all I was at the other end of the lane.

At this point I should mention I’ve never been on a motorbike before. Been on a Quad-bike back when I worked on a farm, but never a motorbike. So when it came to turning the bike round at the end of the lane coupled with my complete lack of throttle knowledge, it’s fair to say I kinda lost control ever so slightly. Didn’t crash it, managed to stay on and get it facing the opposite way, but it felt like I was wrestling a very big dog. I put the bike back on the drive way under its cover and decided I REALLY need training before I get on this again.

Next day, I’ve watched several videos on YouTube about throttle control, how to hold your right wrist low and not high, so there is less rotation. I was going to go out on the bike again but it’s been raining all day and I don’t wanna get it wet just yet, or ride on wet roads.

So, at some point this week I will go up and down the lane again to try to improve my throttle control. I may even go round my village to get some actual practice in before my CBT. This won’t be legal (shhhh) but the village is quiet and will be a good opportunity to get used to riding so I’m not going into my 6 hours of training completely blind.

First impressions of the bike so far, it looks so much better in person than it does in the photos (and it looks awesome in the photos). Very quiet, quieter than a milk-float. Fast, very comfy and is a total beast. I love it!

Super Soco TC (The Beast)

Thanks for reading, see you again soon (unless I died, then there won’t be any more blogs).


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