The week before I get my first motorbike.

During the coronavirus lockdown, my sister and I went on bike rides around our village. Normally the village and surrounding areas would have several hundred cars go through each day. During the lockdown however we barely saw ten during a 1 or 2 hour bike ride.

This allowed us to ride on any part of the road we liked, no cars for miles behind or in front of us. It was like being back in the 80’s/early 90’s when kids could play on the roads and parents didn’t bat an eyelid. The only thing that made these bike rides just shy of 100% perfection was the fact I was using my legs to power the bike. The freedom of the road felt great, my leg’s however . . . didn’t.

So I decided, I wanted a motorbike.

Now, I passed my driving test when I was 17. That was almost 18 years ago. But I’ve never had a car. Not because I can’t afford one (although money is a small reason why I didn’t get one) But because I didn’t want to add to the polluting of our planet (don’t shit where you eat). And, I’ve never really had the need for a car anyway.

I do want one eventually, but I want an electric car and Teslas are just too expensive at the moment. That’s another blog for another time.

So motorbikes, never even considered having one before the lockdown. And when I went looking for one I knew it had to be an electric one. I searched google and came across Urban eBikes and saw straight away an electric bike I wanted. The Super Soco TC 1500W.

The specs are good enough for what I need, just getting to and fro from work and home. It won’t pollute, MOT is cheaper, less parts to go wrong, and most importantly it’s fucking pretty to look at with its vintage styling.

At this point it’s April of 2020, shops are closed so I can’t book my CBT. I’ve ordered a highway code and a guide to learning to ride so I can study. But the waiting game has begun. I keep checking the eBike website every few days to make sure the bike didn’t go out of stock. I wasn’t actually 100% sure I was even going to go through with getting the bike at this point.

End of June and I’ve started buying my gear. Gloves were first. Then I saw the local bike shop I wanted to book my CBT with was talking about opening again, following government guidelines of social distancing however meant that CBT’s weren’t possible just yet. I had to wait another 2 weeks. So I carried on searching for bike gear. Found a Jacket I liked and a helmet. Both out of stock in my size. Great.

2 weeks later and the bike shop is taking bookings for CBT’s. One catch though, due to the virus they aren’t lending out clothes or helmets, they said “you WILL need your own gear“. And the gear I wanted was still out of stock. I had to wait until mid July before I could finally buy my jacket and helmet. Once they arrived I also brought some knee pads and finally booked my CBT. August 15th, I can’t wait.

I had to though. And the waiting started to make me paranoid. “Knowing my luck, I’ll pass the CBT and then find out the bike I want is out of stock”. After all, the website keeps saying it’s limited stock and 27 people have this bike in their basket and thousands of people are viewing the page. I know that’s all bollocks to get you to buy what they’re selling, but it worked. I ordered the bike yesterday.

Pretty straight forward, like buying anything online. I wasn’t expecting the delivery charge to be £100 though (what the actual fuck?) but whatever, I’ve spent £3k on the bike, another £100 wasn’t going to put me off buying it now. They later sent me an e-mail asking me to send them a photo of my driving licence so that they can register the bike with the DVLA. I sent it and they replied today saying they want to try to deliver the bike on Monday/Sunday (I don’t know why they put Monday before Sunday, maybe they mean Sunday/Monday or maybe they mean Monday, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, or Sunday. I hope they don’t fucking mean the latter).

While scanning my driving licence I noticed some letters on the back of it. Having not used my licence since I got it all those years ago, I had no idea what they meant. So I googled them and I found out the letter ‘p’ means mopeds. I dug a bit deeper and found out I am allowed to ride mopeds limited to 31mph.

I also remember (from looking at the site so much for several months) that the Super Soco TC is classed as a moped and is limited to 28mph when it’s delivered.

This means I can ride it without the CBT, it also means I could have used my own bike for my CBT and saved £40 I paid for hiring the bike shops bike. For fucks sake.

The Super Soco can have the limiter taken off to get it’s full 45mph, but I can’t do that unless I pass my CBT.

Good to know I can legally use it before 15th August anyway, less time using my bicycle getting to work at least.

And that’s that. I’ve decided to keep a blog of how things go with the bike. There will be photos and videos in future blogs. I’ll update you all on things next week when I have the bike delivered.

Note: I haven’t uploaded anything studio related this year, that’s because I’ve decided to do some different things with the studio. I’m currently re-writing my Guitar eBook while working on a few other books. There is some music in the works but it’s very early stages. And once I get my motorbike I’ll be spending time going to places to take stock photos and stock videos for my ShutterStock webpage. I’m just very busy lately with 3 jobs and have little time to do as much as I was doing. But more is coming.

Thanks for reading, see you again soon,


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