Bit Tired

Article By Adam. H

My legs are heavy like they have had 3 tonnes of cement poured onto them. My eyes no longer feel like they reside on my face. They feel like they have sunk to the bottom of my neck and are now placed on my collar bone. My arms feel like lead, a chore to lift. To grab a small glass of water and raise it to my lips feels like a strong mans bicep curl.

I crave another trip to the land of nod, to sail away on that mini-vacation once a night is all I think about. There is more to life than sleep, surely? Yeah, but at this time, it is all my body craves. Like a junkie jonesing for his next fix, to enter another realm and drift off in euphoria.

Recharging the batteries, mentally. Getting ideas together and making sense of the world, your actions and the actions of others is so much clearer when rested. When tired, emotions are wild. Quick to anger and slow to act, all logic is thrown out of the window when you’re tired.

Where are my keys, it’s every time I need to go out, I can’t find my keys? A 20-minute hurricane of frustration and talking to myself until I notice they were in my hand all along.

That is what it is like to be tired.

Maybe zombies are a metaphor for those of us who do not sleep, knuckle-dragging, tired-looking beings who grunt instead of communicating. Ok, we don’t want to eat each other, though looking out of my window I can not say that isn’t somebody else’s motivation, how mad this planet has gotten recently.

Maybe that is it…

Maybe these last 10 years have been a weird dream that I am going to wake up from? One where the recession, Brexit, Trump and Cricket isn’t talked about like it is a legitimate sport rather than what it is, a very long, life-sized board game.

Or maybe that is wishful thinking.

Hopefully, I will be back firing on all cylinders for my next article. Currently, I am creating a portfolio website to showcase my writing.

Until next time…

I’m off to bed.

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