Just an update

Been quite busy lately with a few things, causing me to miss two video uploads on the YouTube channel. Meaning I’ve missed two blogs, several tweets, a few facebook posts and a couple of Instagram uploads. I should really try to avoid missing video uploads.

Anyway, updates as follows;

  • I have 4 Guitar Pedal demos filmed, recording and waiting for editing. So I have the next 4 weeks of videos sorted.
  • Still editing the Camping Trip video with Adam (Our resident Blogger). That’s going quite well, think Top Gear & Grand Tour, but on a very low budget, (A very very low budget)
  • I’ve also had a friend named Cameron round to the studio to edit the podcasts we’ve been recording since December. That will start off with a mini series of 4 or 5 episodes. No release date yet but it’s coming.
  • Been working on the first update for my Guitar eBook which you can find on Amazon titled – Developing Your Daily Practice Routine.
  • Been continuing my fiction book which is now at 40,000+ words. That’s 2/3 done of the first draft.
  • And finally I’ve started a short story for a fiction story competition in September that I’d like to enter.

That’s everything so far. Video uploads will be back to normal this coming week, Adam may have an article too, I’m not sure, he’s busy making his own website at the moment, so we’ll see.

Have a great week. See you Friday.


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