Why Now?: Technology & Its Ability To Get Under Your Skin

Article By Adam. H

I had already decided earlier on in the day that I was going to write an article for SLS. What about? I didn’t know. But, I have just had a hiccup with technology that has left an incredibly bitter taste in my mouth and thought…

“I was gonna write an article. What! An opportunity to moan? I’ll take it.”

TJ and I have a trip coming up next week. I wont tell you what it is as I don’t know if TJ is ready for me to divulge that information, and it isn’t my place to announce it. But, what I can say is this trip is gonna be filmed and released on the interwebs, so watch this space.

For the last month or so TJ and I have been planning and preparing, buying and waiting for things to be delivered so that we can a) have a great time and b) document the trip and deliver content to you guys.

I have spent quite a chunk of money on different things, which I haven’t been that bothered by. I mean I want to go on this trip so I need to buy things and book stuffs in order to go. What has done my absolute loaf in** is some of the things I didn’t need to buy have decided to fail on me.

2 main culprits are trying to sabotage this trip for TJ, me and all of you lucky people that are going to have access to this trip.

Step up, audio recorder and lavalier microphone. I wont state the brands, because I don’t think that is fair. But I will state that they are both well known brands albeit the audio recorder and lavalier microphone were not best in class.

Even so, I feel that they both should work.

I must admit I haven’t used them together at all really. I have used the audio recorders built in microphone to note down some musical ideas in the past and I can count on both of my hands how many times I have used the lavalier microphone.

But it got me thinking about the technology conspiracy theory that states that all technology is built with a pre existing shelf life, so that users of said technology have to upgrade to the newest model. Which if true is an absurdity. It is difficult for me to not sound like a cliché, a bitter old man.

“They don’t make ‘em like they used to, I tell thee”***

Technology fails on us all and things are so expensive to buy anything over and over. There will be thousands maybe millions of people who feels that the product they have purchased is too fragile or not durable, to the point where the product can no longer function.

But do we expect too much? Nothing lasts forever, and just because we part with money does not mean that thing is now bullet proof. Actually, no, I’m still angry, everything should work all the time!

I hope you enjoyed my little moan, please visit the Short Lane Studios YouTube channel. The edit of the trip will be coming soon, if the technology works…

**“What has done my absolute loaf in” translates from angry northern to “what has made me angry” in English.

*** More northern

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