Guitar Finger Exercises – Part One

Written by TJ

Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing well. After some technical difficulties today with my movie editing software (long story) I’ve finally got todays video finished.

Some basic finger exercises for Guitarists. This is part 1 of 4, each part will get a little more difficult. If you find them useful, make sure to come back next Thursday for the next part.



Parody – The Vue Ident

Sunday is a random video day. I don’t think my studio is going to make anything more random than this . . . . . For a while atlease anyway.

The Vue has an ident playing just before a movie starts. (A video that shows off the sound and 4k graphic quality). We’ve taken the ident and replaced all the sounds with mouth sounds. Why? I really don’t know. Enjoy!


‘The Arks’ – Card Game

Hey everyone, Before I get started on this I just want to say thank you to the several new followers I’ve had today. You’re all awesome!!! I hope I can keep you all entertained with my content.

Speaking of,

My good friend Cameron has recently created a new Card Game called ‘The Arks’. We made a video of how to play it for anyone who wants to get into it.

If you would like to download a copy of the game please follow the instructions at the end of the video.